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Commercial Services - Overview

Commercial cleaning in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Lanarkshire and the central core of Scotland is a fundamental part of our business.

With over 30 years experience, we are one of the most respected contract cleaning companies in our field which has allowed us to develop a quality client base of national chains and local independent businesses with a range of high profile clients to match our reputation including large multinationals such as Radisson & Holiday Inn.

We provide our professional yet competitive commercial cleaning solutions to:-

  • Offices
  • Agents / Landlords
  • Restaurants
  • Public Houses / Licensed Trade
  • Local Authorities
  • Shops & Retail
  • Local Government
  • Medical Centers
  • Care / Nursing Homes
  • Leisure Centers
  • Factories & Industry

In addition to daily contract cleaning, we also cover a wide range of other related cleaning services including all aspects of floor and carpet cleaning, window cleaning and waste disposal etc.

We also hold suitably qualified CSCS carded and IPAF ticket holders allowing us to provide you with people able to operate cherry pickers and scissor lifts to enable high reach window and/or external cladding cleaning whenever needed.

Our list of services is endless and as such all you need to do is tell us your requirements and we will work out a tailor made, flexible service which allows you to concentrate on you core business and let us worry about your commercial cleaning needs.

Carpets & Floor Cleaning

Clean Scene Ltd was started as a business over 30 years ago, primarily for the Floorcare sector so you can be assured we know what we are talking about when it comes to cleaning floors!

Our team are fully trained and highly motivated in professional carpet and upholstery cleaning, steam cleaning and carpet stain removal and have provided this service all over Glasgow, Edinburgh and the rest of central Scotland.

Using our reliable system which has been perfected over a period of 30 years with a combination of heat, water pressure, detergents and vacuum, any surface can be thoroughly and deeply cleaned and sanitized with all debris being removed rather than simply moved around and then deposited again which is usually the case when using more conventional cleaning methods.

You can trust us to bring back to their original (and safe) condition Factory Floors, general work surfaces, bin areas and public and private play and recreation areas.

Whether its polishing and cleaning wooden flooring, Lino, Vinyl, laminate flooring, carpets and rugs…whatever the surface….we know what we are doing, show us your floor and we will tell you what we will do to clean it!

Leisure Industry

Having supplied our services to some of the largest companies in the world including Radisson, Holiday Inn and Citizen M Hotels you can trust our expertise in the leisure sector.

We are experts in the meeting the varied and diverse cleaning requirements whether it’s a hotel chain, guest house or other leisure facility.

We can offer you a professional general cleaning services for your front and back of house to more specialised cleaning services such as deep kitchen cleaning, bedroom cleaning or high level cleaning – our professional team have the expertise, drive and knowledge that will take care of it for you.

We understand that different leisure outlets require different levels of cleaning, whether it’s the specialised hygiene requirements associated with gymnasiums and fitness clubs, large cleaning teams to handle the time constraints and quick turnaround of sports facilities and stadiums or the requirements for a museum or art gallery that requires “that gentle touch”.

We work closely with you to understand your business and provide a flexible cleaning solution that will meet your needs.

Licensed Trade

In order to boost your revenues in these challenging financial times, having a clean and inviting public house or nightclub is of the utmost importance.

We all know how dirty pub & clubs can houses become over time if left to their own devices. With a large and diverse customer base trampling over carpets in dirty shoes, beer spillages and “less than accurate” male patrons mean with that with all the will in the world, getting the spotlessly clean toilets and eliminating the smell of stale beer is a difficult task to say the least.

Clean Scene can thoroughly clean your premises from top to bottom using a wide range of professional equipment and specialised cleaning solutions that will have your public house or nightclub smelling fresh, looking clean and feeling as good as new in no time.

We are also fully licensed to clean up all types of bio-hazardous waste from your premises including bodily fluids such as vomit and blood and can handle all aspects of your legal requirements in respect to feminine hygiene including the supply of sanitary towel bins & removal of their contents.

Not only will we get the carpets looking immaculate using our professional “deep cleansing” commercial carpet cleaning machines, we will also clean the bar area, lavatories, tiles and walls.

We can also clean the exterior of your public house, so you can make the right impression from start to finish and keep your patrons coming back.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

End of Tenancy

Do you own property which is changing tenancy?

If so, we understand that your property will almost certainly need a deep and thorough clean before a new tenant moves in or you can advertise it to prospective tenants.

With over 30 years experience in the cleaning industry, we have been providing this service to landlords (and tenants unhappy with their new home) all over the central belt of Scotland including landlords in Edinburgh, Glasgow and South Lanarkshire.

We guarantee that when we have finished with our steam clean machines, vacuum cleaners, detergents, tools, mops and cleaning cloths that every inch of your property will be left clean and polished, sanitized and germ free from top to bottom.

All our cleaning staff are thoroughly vetted and professionally trained, and as a professional cleaning company, we are fully insured to give you that added peace of mind.

We can also offer special rates if you take up a regular end of tenancy cleaning contract with us.

We also understand that not all end of tenancy situations are the same, if your property has been left in a distressed state by previous tenants or squatters your cleaning requirements may differ from the norm. Our Clean Scene Trauma team are highly trained in all aspects of extreme cleaning and can carry out house clearances & needlestick removal if necessary.

Use Clean Scene’s end of tenancy cleaning service and you will never want to use anyone else – contact us today.

Needlestick Removal

Clean Scene Ltd provide a professional needle removal and disposal service for syringes, needle sticks, scalpels, razor blades and any other kinds of bio hazard / medical waste associated with self medicating patients and illegal drug users.

Local authorities often encounter this type of material in bins, toilets, public areas such as parks, empty properties and any number of the alleyways and other hidden places inhabited by drug users.

Clean Scene are only too aware that blood borne viruses like HIV and Hepatitis are often carried by intravenous drug users, are highly infectious and contact with them can have very serious and sometimes life threatening consequences.

Drug paraphernalia including hypodermic syringes, scalpels, razor blades and any number of other items that may cause laceration or puncture and as such potential exposure to these blood borne viruses poses a clear risk to the general public and safe removal and disposal of these is a potentially dangerous undertaking not to be taken lightly.

With this in mind, we have a team of highly trained individuals to ensure this is done correctly in full accordance with current Health & Safety, government and COSHH procedures.

Our services are suitable for housing associations, lettings agents, drug rehabilitation centers, landlords, the police and prison services, colleges and universities among others.

We are professionally trained in the safe removal & disposal of syringes, needlesticks and other drug paraphernalia by the National Academy of Crime Scene Cleaning (NACSC) and our specialist team from Clean Scene Trauma will be used for the task.

For more information regarding the pick up and safe removal of sharps from Glasgow, Edinburgh, South Lanarkshire or anywhere else in central Scotland, please contact us.

Office Cleaning

We provide cleaning and support services to various offices and commercial properties all over Glasgow, Edinburgh and the rest of central Scotland.

Our cleaners are professionally trained, carefully selected using our unique vetting procedures and ss and placed on site according to site specification and the client requirement - our office cleaning services are suitable for businesses of all sizes and are individually tailored according to each client's unique requirements.

Our primary goal is to provide a long lasting, professional relationship with our customers based on a joint commitment to continuously improve all aspects of the services we provide your business at the same time causing you the least amount of hassle.

For your office cleaning you can be guaranteed:

  • Professionally trained permanently employed staff
  • Fully supervised work
  • Close teamwork between operatives, supervisors and management.
  • Personalised approach
  • Regular customer feedback
  • 100% reliable and expert services across the board

As well as providing the usual cleanup of general office areas, floors, windows, washrooms etc we also provide a regular telephone & IT equipment sanitizing service; as industry experts, we realise that telephones and keyboards are a major breeding ground for many types of bacteria and micro-organisms.

By providing this regular sanitizing service, we believe that the improvements in health and reduction in cross contamination between employees of things like colds, flu and stomach upsets plays a significant part in reducing your businesses losses caused by sickness and ill health.

In some cases, carrying out this simple task is more than enough to pay for our cleaning service.

We can also handle all aspects of your legal requirements in respect to feminine hygiene including supply of sanitary towel bins & removal of their contents.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

Retail & Shop

When it comes to shops and retail outlets, your customers have high expectations!

Clean Scene understands this and how essential to your profitability that these high standards in cleanliness that modern customers are accustomed to, are met and maintained.

With over 30 years experience in the cleaning industry, you can rest assured that our services will not only meet these expectations but surpass them.

We will keep your store immaculate, shining floors, cleaning carpets, keeping restrooms spotless and your fitting rooms pristeen . . . all to ensure that your shoppers keep coming back for more.

For retail, cleaning services merit special attention, because your success can depend on your cleaning provider's expertise, we look at your cleaning needs from a retailer's perspective and tailor our services for each customers unique retail environment.

Whether it’s a short or long term contract or simply a one off deep clean for your own in house cleaning staff to manage the rest on a regular basis we can provide the service you require. We have worked in many retail outlets and provided our cleaning services to shops, car show rooms, shopping centre's and small retailers all over Edinburgh, Glasgow and the rest of central Scotland – feel free to contact us with your requirements and let us worry about the rest.

Window Cleaning

Our reach and wash window cleaning system system is carried out using a purified water fed pole, cleaning external glass and cladding up to 40ft and higher and those hard to reach areas that untouched by traditional window cleaning methods.

Our Pure Water Reach & Wash System, is the safest method of cleaning windows above 3m in height. As with all the services we provide it is available at the exact day & time you require it, maybe you are just looking for your outside windows cleaned fortnightly, or perhaps it is a full packages, complete with inside windows cleaned, and other services added in.

This service is easily combined with any other we offer, and adding it in, will save you even more money and time, allowing you to concentrate on your business and what you do best.


Our water-fed pole system can reach up to 45ft from any safe and secure working surface, this is what allows access to awkward and hard to reach to areas of your building, such as conservatories, glass roofs and canopies etc all without the use of ladders.

Our quality water fed telescopic poles, make short work of cleaning any exterior window and glass structures.


Your windows will benefit from the Eco friendly System of RO Pure, this works by normal water being pumped throught a stage of filters, removing all impurities. The Pure Water we use to clean can help windows remain cleaner for up to twice as long as those cleaned using conventional, detergent products, it also leaves a guaranteed streak free and residue free sparkle finish.


Our team of professionals use traditional window cleaning methods for internal window and certain low level cleaning. Our company boasts an excellent and rapidly growing client base due to our totally professional, efficient vast range of services that we provide, and continues to grow via a steady flow of recommendations from our long standing and valued customers, combined with our Low Costs.

If you are looking to employ a window cleaning company, give us a call first, as a Multi service Cleaning & Maintanance provider, we will save you more costs by combing window cleaning with an other service, you all ready have carried out by a competing company, and we will beat any quote.

Air & Ventilation System Cleaning

The 1992 Health & Safety at Work Act covers ventilation and air quality and is very specific in its requirements, as is the draft EU standard on Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems (prEN 15780).


It is therefore imperative for all air supply and extraction systems to be monitored and serviced regularly to ensure maximum protection and optimum effectiveness, and to comply with the law.

Sick building syndrome not only affects the productivity of your staff but can also have a detrimental effect on their health.

Cleanscene offer ventilation system / air conditioning cleaning service whereby using a range of specialised devices, we remove contamination from your ducts and disinfect where necessary during the air duct cleaning process, depending on the design and configuration of your system.


Our air and ventilation service is suitable for all buildings where an air condition system or ventilation system is used and is suitable for:-

  • To comply with Health and Safety legislation.
  • To eliminate microbiological contamination.
  • To eliminate fire risk.
  • To maintain ventilation efficiency.
  • To avoid expensive material erosion.
  • To provide safe and comfortable working conditions

Please feel free to contact us if you require any further information.



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